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Easy Quran Reading with Baghdadi Primer

Author: Moustafa Elgindy (Abu Anas)

Publisher: Al Brakat Co. | Cairo, Egypt

Edition/Year: 6th Edition  / 2012

Pages: 108

Binding/Print: Soft Cover / colour Print/ A4 size

£6.00 £5.50

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معلم القراءة العربية مع القاعدة البغدادية

Easy Quran Reading with Baghdadi Primer

An excellent comprehensive book to learn how to read easily the Arabic language for  absolute beginners

The Arabic version of this book has spread throughout the Arab and Muslim communities in Western countries including America, Germany, and Italy, as well as Asian countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Somalia in Africa. It was taught in some schools in Egypt here and there and left a good influence and impression on people teaching the Arabic language, the language of the Glorious Qur’an. With that came an increased demand for an English version until this book successfully came into being.

About the book and its contents:

  1. The subject of this book is from the original Baghdadi Qaida book.
  2. The book uses a gradual system in teaching the alphabet and reading (for children and beginner adults) from using the letters, to forming the word, to forming an Arabic sentence.
  3. This is in an organized curriculum that similarly follows what has been used in Egyptian hifz schools.
  4. Teaching the reader the difference between Arabic script and Uthmani (Qur’an) script.
  5. Exercises on each lesson with words examples directly from the Qur’an.
  6. Lesson on long vowels in Uthmani script.
  7. Sound rules with exercises on laam qamariyyah and laam shamsiyyah.
  8. Prefixing some particle letters to the definite article.
  9. Explanation of the difference between the taa letter in its closed and open form.
  10. Hamzat al-wasl and how it’s used at the start in the opening of the Qur’an.
  11. The rule when two letters with sukoon meet.
  12. Special practicing exercises taken from our other book, Rules of Reciting the Qur’an, covering:
    1. Rules of noon saakinah and tanween.
    2. Rules of meem saakinah.
    3. Attached madd and separated madd.
    4. General exercises.

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