Hadith Curriculum for the General Public

Hadith Curriculum for the General Public

Although advanced works of Ahadith, such as al-Jami’ al-Sahih by al-Bukhari, require a scholar or commentary to unlock their secrets and benefits, shorter ta’liq (chainless) works can and should be read by the general public regularly. The following works were written for such a purpose and may be read in sequence.

  • Al-Nawawi – al-Arba’in al-Nawawiyah with the zawa’id of Ibn Rajab (50 ahadith)
  • Muhmammad ‘Awwamah – Min Sihah al-Ahadith al-Qisar (300 ahadith)
  • Muhammad ‘Awammah – Min Sihah al-Ahadith al-Qudsiyah (100 ahadith with sharh)
  • Al-Bulandshehri – Zad al-Talibin (327 ahadith)
  • Al-Tirmidhi – al-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyah (400 ahadith approx.)
  • Al-Maqdisi – Umdat al-Ahkam (422 ahadith)
  • Ibn Hajar – Mukhtasar al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib (800 ahadith approx.)
  • Al-Nawawi – al-Adhkar (1242 ahadith)
  • Al-Bukhari – al-Adab al-Mufrad (1,300 ahadith approx.)
  • Ibn Hajar – Bulugh al-Maram (1358 ahadith)
  • Al-Nawawi – Riyadh al-Salihin (1936 ahadith)
  • Salih al-Shami – al-Wafi bima fi al-Sahihayn (1939 ahadith)
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